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Kick-Off Meeting Marks the Commencement of the PAIC Project in Lithuania

On December 4th and 5th, 2023, Lithuania hosted the inaugural kick-off meeting for the "Promoting Artificial Intelligence Competences in VET" (PAIC) project, a pioneering initiative under the Erasmus+ program aimed at integrating artificial intelligence into vocational education and training (VET) across Europe.

The meeting, held in Lithuania’s vibrant city of Šiauliai, was a focal point for collaboration, bringing together project partners from multiple European countries, including Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. These partners represent a range of educational institutions and vocational training centers, each contributing their unique expertise to the ambitious goals of the PAIC project.

The agenda was comprehensive, covering the structure of the project, initial steps, partner responsibilities, and a general overview of the product development process. Discussions were focused on outlining the project’s framework, setting clear roles and responsibilities, and establishing a timeline for the development phases of the AI-enhanced curriculum.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the detailed presentation of the project’s five main work packages, which include project management, AI solutions in the curriculum for VET, testing AI curriculum and methodology for VET trainers, piloting training and validation of the AI curriculum, and dissemination and exploitation. Each partner took turns to present their assigned segments, ensuring a shared understanding of each component’s impact and scope.

The partners also engaged in strategic planning sessions aimed at laying down the foundational steps for the curriculum development. These discussions emphasized the importance of aligning the project with the current trends and demands in AI technology, as well as the need for a flexible approach to accommodate the diverse educational landscapes of the participating countries.

The meeting was not only a testament to the collaborative spirit of the PAIC project but also set a positive and proactive tone for the upcoming activities. It concluded with partners expressing a strong commitment to the project’s success and an enthusiastic outlook towards making a significant impact in the realm of vocational education and training through AI competences.

As the project moves forward, the PAIC partners are poised to lead the charge in transforming VET systems across Europe, making AI education accessible and impactful for both educators and students. With a clear plan in place and a unified team, the project is well on its way to achieving its objectives and setting a benchmark in the field of educational innovation.

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