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We share one goal

The formation of this partnership was driven by a shared recognition of the importance of AI in the current and future job market, and the necessity to integrate these advanced skills into VET programs to enhance educational outcomes and employability. By collaborating, we leverage our varied strengths and maximize the project's impact across different regions and educational contexts.

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Šiauliai Centre for Technical Creativity (Šiauliai Tech) is an educational organization in City Siauliai, fostering STEAM education for preschool to secondary school students. The mission is to inspire interest in STEAM through play-based learning, offering programs in technical culture, IT, and media/design. Initiatives include Science Days, STEAM conferences, and online lessons.

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The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP), established in 2007, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship nationally and across Europe. AKEP supports aspiring entrepreneurs through initiatives such as the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program since 2012, fostering cross-border exchanges and non-formal entrepreneurial learning experiences.



Izobrazevalni center Geoss d.o.o. provides a diverse range of educational programs, including 11 secondary VET school programs and 6 higher education programs in fields such as mechanics, logistics, computer science, preschool education, health care, marketing, economics, and business. Over recent years, we have prioritized lifelong learning and regional development strategies.

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Betacom is a company that specializes in IT consulting and developing solutions to streamline business information systems, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. The company prides itself on a global presence with 500 collaborators across six offices, and it targets diverse sectors such as automotive, banking, insurance, and public administration. 



CENTOFORM is a recognized Vocational and Education Training Centre (VET) with Quality Accreditation in training from the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy. Operating in both Emilia Romagna and Apulia regions, CENTOFORM has built a robust multiregional and international network over 15 years. The center collaborates with SMEs, public institutions, VET schools, universities, and R&D centers, partnering with Confindustria, the main Italian industrial association.

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Šiauliai technology Training Center was established in 2022 after merging 3 Vocational schools in Šiauliai County. It is one of the biggest and greatest providers of vocational education in Lithuania. Center has its own traditions in vocational education and training, combined with a socially responsible attitude towards a young person. The Center can offer comprehensive and secondary education with a speciality for persons of any age and gender.

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EPT is a versatile VET provider specializing in designing content for training programs targeting various groups, including young people, professionals, experts, and employees. The company focuses on improving key and professional competences, media literacy, entrepreneurship support, citizenship awareness, and information campaigns.

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